Community Table

The 2020 West Side Farmers Market Community Table 

The West Side Farmers Market supports beginning and small-volume vendors by offering vending space at our Community Table. When you vend through the community table, WSFM provides the tent, table, and covers your liability insurance. 

Application Process

To sell at the Community Table, you must submit an online application As long as you have the proper licenses and food safety training classes (if this applies), you are welcome to sell at the Community Table during the 2020 season. Once your application has been reviewed, a market representative will connect with you regarding space availability, scheduling, and applicable documentation. 

If you submit your application after May 15, please email us at to alert us to your completed application as we won’t be checking for new applications regularly at that point.

New in 2020

In 2020 we will be offering two tiers of Community Table space:

Tier 1: 3ft of space on a shared table for $10. For this price you will get half of a table and a bit of space in front of the table. 

Tier 2: 6 ft of space on your own table under a shared tent for $25. For this price you will get a table to yourself and a bit of space in front of the table.

Community Table vendors are encouraged to go vertical with their displays to gain more space. As the market gets increasingly crowded, Community Table vendors will no longer be able to set up side tables, or occupy more than their allotted space.

Rules and Expectations

  1. Let us know or confirm by the Thursday of the week you plan to vend at WSFM by emailing us at or leave a phone message at 651 243 2056.  Let us know what you’ll be selling and we will advertise that in our weekly email. 
  2. WSFM operates rain or shine and only closes for local thunderstorms or high winds. If we cancel a market, it will be by 7 am the day of the market.
  3. WSFM runs from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm every Saturday from June 6 – October 10, 2020. You must arrive by 7:45 am to set up and plan to participate in the take down of the community table at the end of the market day.
  4. Check in with the Community Table Manager when you arrive. They will assign you your space for the day.  
  5. You are responsible for your own product inventory, pricing, and display. If you make or sell something that requires sales tax, that must be displayed on your pricing.
  6. Bring your own cash/change, in your own bag/cashbox.
  7. Community Table vendor fees are due the day you sell. You are responsible for paying before the market begins. 
  8. The market processes credit cards and EBT (SNAP benefits) for all customers and provides them with tokens to spend. You must accept these tokens the same as cash. Please turn in all tokens to the Market Booth at the end of each market day. We will teach you how this works on the day that you come to the market! Reimbursement checks are distributed once per month for sales of at least $10, one time vendors making less than $10 can be paid out in cash on the day of the market. Otherwise, you will be paid out at the end of the market season. 

If you are selling Cottage Foods (products made in your home kitchen such as jam, candies, baked goods, etc.), you must obtain a Cottage Foods Certificate. You can find out more about this process at You must provide WSFM with this documentation before you can sell value-added foods at the market.