Community Table

The 2018 Community Table table. WSFM will supply a table and tent for the vendors.  We will work with aggregate table vendors to create a handwashing station if tasting samples are offered. Other supplies are up to individual vendors.


The Community Table

The West Side Farmers Market works with a sponsor each year to fund the Community Table: a table for small, mostly backyard growers/vendors to sell their goods at WSFM. This table is an aggregate of a number of vendors who are not ready to have their own stall yet. WSFM provides the tent, tables, chairs, and insurance to these vendors who sign up for part of a table to display their wares. This is a good option for vendors with a small volume of product or for products only available for a limited time during the season.

Operating rules for the Community/Aggregate table at the WSFM for 2018:

  1. Complete and submit the 2018 WSFM application so we can have it on file.
  2. If you are selling Cottage Foods (products made in your home kitchen such as jam, candies, baked goods, etc.), you must take an approved food safety training class and register with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. You can find out more about this process at
  3. Let us know by the Thursday of the week you plan to be at WSFM by emailing us at or leave a phone message at 651 243 2056.  Please also inform us of the produce or product you plan to sell at the market for each day you are participating.  
  4. Pay the $10.00 vendor fee to the Market Booth or the community table manager each day when you arrive at the market. If you want a receipt, let us know at the Market Booth.
  5. The market opens at 8:30 and closes at 12:30 pm. You must arrive by 8 am for set up and should plan to participate in the take down of the community table at the end of the market day.
  6. You will be sharing the community table with others. It is up to you to organize yourselves each day you are at the market.
  7. The market processes credit cards and EBT (SNAP benefits) for all customers and provides them with tokens to spend with the vendors. Please turn in all tokens turned in at the end of each market day. We will teach you how this works on the day that you come to the market! Reimbursement checks are distributed once per month for sales of at least $10. Otherwise, you will be paid out at the end of the market season.
  8. Bring your own cash/change, in your own bag/cashbox, and your name on the bag/box.
  9. You are responsible for your own product inventory, pricing, and display.